AWS ECS Fargate Starter - Start and stop of services

AWS ECS Fargate Starter

Download AWS ECS Fargate 1.2

This tool can be used to launch (start and stop) or scale services on AWS Fargate ECS clusters. To do this, we use the command aws ecs update-service —cluster {cluster} —service {cluster} —desired-count {min|max} .

Since we completely switched to AWS, we’ve written some small tools to make recurring activities or operations easier for us. This resulted in, among other things, the AWS ECS Fargate Starter.

Of course, the AWS ECS Fargate Starter can be used with ECS cluster and the use of EC2 instances.

What is AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a technology that you can use with Amazon ECS to run containers without having to manage servers or clusters of Amazon EC2 instances. With Fargate, you no longer need to deploy, configure, or scale virtual machine clusters to run containers. Source: AWS

Installation and Configuration

This tool requires the AWS cli tools that can be run without further path specification (in PATH variable).

Save the downloaded awsfargate_starter.exe in a destination folder of your choice and start the program. A configuration file is created, which you can download directly from the button “Config”. Paste your services (up to 10) into this file. Save your changes and then press Reload button.

The two functions of the respective service are now available to you. The command that is executed is displayed at the bottom of the window. We directly carry out the AWS cli, i.e. the credentials that we store in the config.ini are used exclusively for this purpose.

Do you have more than ten services or want to “group”? No problem, create a new folder, copy the application file into it and run it from there.






cluster = cluster2a

Please always specify the directory information using the variable {directory}.

Version Information

Once we release a new version of AWS ECS Fargate Starter, we’ll see the changes that have been made to it in more detail here.

We are also happy to accept your suggestions about the AWS ECS Fargate Starter tool. We look forward to any feedback. Please use our contact form.

Version 1.2 - 2021-02-15

  • NEW: Update function checks version and did not open webpage automatically (using OpenSSL)
  • CHG: Link to, not anymore
  • CHG: minor UI changes

Version 1.1

  • Correction when setting environment variables
  • Pressing the spacebar was able to drop command again.

Version 1.0

  • First version released


This software AWS ECS Fargate Starter is freeware and may also be distributed without our consent! We assume no liability for the software!